You Have No Idea!

Am I not important in your life?
Do I not matter?
Why don’t you respond when I talk to you?
Do I not listen when you want me to?
How come your friends get to hang out with you more than I can?
When will I get half the attention that you give your family?
What keeps you at work when you could be talking to me?
Am I less important than that movie?
Or that road trip?
Or the admiration of one of your peers?
Do you not know how much I love you?
Don’t you know how much it hurts when your love stays on your lips?
Or when you do not acknowledge me in front of others?
How much more do I need to scream to get your attention?
How many more times will my heart need to ache?
But does any of this matter to me?
Or will it stop me from loving you?
Do I ever let go of your hand?
Why would I when I gave you my all?
And you think you know what heart break is?
My son…you have no idea!