God Delivered Me

I was lost but God found me.
I was steeped in misery but God lifted me up.
I was without friends, but He offered me the best friendship.
I was without hope, but He gave me blessed hope.
I was a sinner, but God redeemed me.
I was unworthy, but He made me worthy through His Son.
I was weak, but God strengthened me.
I was poor, but He made me rich in Him.
I was sad and despondent, but He put a smile on my face.
I was trapped by the enemy but He delivered me.
Psalm 18:16 “He reached down from on high and took hold of me;
he drew me out of deep waters.”
He placed me on solid ground.
He gave me a new song in my mouth.
He gave me abundant life.
He gave me a reason for living.
He gave me comfort and assurance.
He gave me His attentive ear and a helping hand.
Most of all,He gifted me His Only Son,
Who gifted me His life,
For me to enjoy abundant life through Him,
With a new life, being a new creation,
And hope for a wonderful future,even after life’s over,
The hope of Eternal life with Him in all His glory and splendour,
What more could I want from Him?

My Deliverer, My Strong Refuge, My Light and My Salvation.

He Has Made Us Worthy

Caught in a trap of sin and misery
Led by life’s enticements and lures,
Guided by self and passions of the flesh,
We were unworthy,
Not worthy to be loved and accepted,
Not worthy to deserve God’s mercies,
Not worthy to hold our heads high
But,God made us worthy
With His worthiness.
He sent His only Son Jesus
Who granted us a worthy life
By sacrificing His worthiness,
On a Cross, flanked by unworthy sinners
He forgave and forgot our unworthiness,
He showed us limitless mercies and grace,
He gave us a life that’s worth living.
Let us ponder and ask ourselves-
What has He seen worthy in us mere mortals?
Are we worthy to receive His everlasting compassion and love?
Are we deserving to be vessels of mercy?
Is our unworthiness polished and refined by His worthiness?
We don’t have any worth to claim as our own,
Only the worth of our Lord-free from all guilt and blemish.
He alone is Worthy to be praised!!
Let all Glory and Honour and Majesty be ascribed to our Most Worthy Lord!!

My Good Shepherd

I have a loving Master
He cares for me in the most caring way.
He guides me in the right paths and protects me from danger.
He beckons me with his staff,takes me to green pastures and cool waters.
At times he taps me with his rod.
If I stray to unknown paths.
He drives away the lurking enemies
And sees that I go the right way to my destination.
He calls me by my name and knows my likes and dislikes.
He chastises me with firm discipline
But not hating or disowning me.
He gently leads and holds me.
When I am afraid He lifts me
And holds me close to His bosom.
He speaks cheerful and kind words that uplift my spirits
And motivates me to go on
Amidst life’s thorns and thistles.
He teaches me to face life’s challenges
With undaunted spirit and high morale
Not giving into the enemy’s snares.
He carries me on his shoulder
When I am hurt and limping
He doesn’t put me down
Till I am hale and hearty.
My companions and I enjoy his presence
What would our life be without Him?
He is the best role model and leader
Mentor,Guide,Teacher and Confidante
We don’t resent His chastisement
He does it for our best.
He loved us so much that He laid down His life for us.
Who is this who we love so much and will be ours till life’s end?
He is Jesus,the Good Shepherd,the Chief Shepherd and Overseer of our souls.

Don’t Write Off

Don’t write off a child who never shows signs of grasping,the first time he is taught.
Don’t write off a child who is disobedient,rebellious or backanswering as he might be seeking attention.
Don’t write off an aged person fumbling with his hand to eat or write as his nerves are weakening.
Don’t write off the irritating person as he might be giving vent to his emotions pent up inside.
Don’t write off the new person in the church who is dressed gaudily but might be hiding a heart full of pain and agony and yearning for some peace!
Don’t write off the silent and less talkative colleague as he might be having an inferiority complex and needs more self-esteem.
Don’t write off a terminally ill person when the doctor or medical science says there is no chance of improvement.
Remember what God in His eternal love did for you even when were against Him and still deny Him in thought, word and deed!
What would have happened if He had written us off everytime we didn’t obey His commands,didn’t listen to His direction?
What about when we didn’t act out His will or carried out our own plans and never waited for His time?
Praise GOD that He was so…patient ,forbearing and longsuffering,
To mould us, prune us, chastise us and to wait for us to come to our senses!
To realize that God’s way is best and that without Him we are nothing!!
So,the next time you write off an individual and think that he is incorrigible,
Remember our Wonderful Lord and Master who is giving us a million chances to improve ourselves!!

What Is Life? Why Live Life?

Life is a gift given by God.
Life is precious and too short.
Life is to be enjoyed and cherished.
Life has its ups and downs.

Life is not a bed of roses but a bed of thorns.
Life is a struggle.
Life is a battle against the evil forces.
Life is to be lived, savouring each moment, but alas!

Why do men fight with one another?
Why do friends and dear ones break up?
Why do children disobey their parents?
Why do enemies clutch at each others’ throats?
Why do troubles and pains haunt men almost daily?
Why do depressed and despondent souls end their lives?
But, then!!!

Here is a ray of hope for those who have no meaning to ‘life’.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He lives forever and ever and so, there is a reason to live, a reason to go on and not give up. He forgives and forgets all our iniquities, when we can’t forgive even our dearest ones for the trifling mistakes that they make or do to us. He supports and befriends us, even when the whole world is against us. He lifts us up from the pit of despair, and makes us walk through green pastures. He holds us by the hand and wipes away all our tears. He has promised eternal life to those who believe Him and accept Him as their personal Lord and Saviour.

He takes care of each one of us as the apple of His eye.
He provides us peace amidst all of life’s complexities and turbulences.
He lends us loved ones to make us smile and cheers us up.
SO …

Let’s live life to its maximum, tread on each step of life carefully and unselfishly.
Spend each moment of life wisely, treasure each experience of life fondly.
Count the innumerable blessings of life incessantly till the Giver of life takes us home.