God’s Love & Gentleness

God’s gentle words
Soothe the worried ear
His tender touch
Caresses the wrinkled brow

His love for man
Cannot be contained
In the deepest of seas
Or the highest of peaks
How else can one justify
His death on the cross for mankind.

Oh, the wonderful Shepherd
The patient Teacher and Master
The Potter who sees beauty
And perfection in a lump of clay

The strict yet loving Father
And the closest of friends
Who catches even the
Whispers of one’s heart.

JESUS like a draft of fresh air
In a musty room
Can fill up one’s insides
And is sufficient
To make one leap
With joy and happiness.

Won’t you answer His call today?
And take hold of His outstretched arm?
He loves you, friend
Come to Him
Find rest for your burdened soul.

Love Your Neighbour

When posed with the question about the greatest commandment, Jesus replied by saying to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind followed by the second most important one which is to love your neighbour  (fellow brothers) as you would love yourself ( Mat 22: 34-40). When situations are fine, when your brother and you are on the same level financially or educationally or even spiritually, it is certainly very easy to follow His commandment, but what happens when a slight deviation occurs from the above mentioned scenario? To be specific, what happens when your fellow brother/sister is in a better place than you?

Cain and Abel were brothers born to Adam and Eve. Both came from the same womb, both received the love and care from the same parents; it can also be assumed that as brothers they might have had fun times together during their childhood. But as is always with everybody, both needed to find jobs at which they were good at and carve their own niche in society.  Abel found his calling in tending sheep while Cain was a tiller of the ground. Both of them made their respective offerings to God. However, God chose Abel’s offering over Cain’s and immediately his face was downcast. The happiness left Cain and instead he was filled with jealousy towards his brother which later grew to hatred and ultimately led to Abel’s murder (Gen 4:1-8).

Many of us can admit that at some point of time in our lives we may have felt at least a pinch of jealousy against somebody. And this may lead to misplaced irritation, anger and maybe even hatred towards that person.  Though of course we may not literally go and murder him, what does it say in Mat 5:21, 22 or even 1 John 3: 14, 15? Do you harbour hatred towards your brother/ sister? God labels you a murderer. Cain did not become a murderer after he committed the act. He become one from the moment he started hating his brother

Dear brothers and sisters, we only need to examine and analyze ourselves. If a classmate gets better marks than you or if a friend gets a better job than you or if a fellow believer owns a better car than you or if a fellow sister buys a prettier dress than you or even if a fellow pastor’s ministry grows and prospers, how is your reaction? Does your face become downcast like Cain’s or are you able to feel happy for him/ her? God warned Cain (Gen 4:7) but he didn’t listen. It is natural to have ill thoughts at times but there is a way to overcome them – Sit at Jesus feet. He has given you the freedom to approach Him at any time for any situation.

God’s Love

Your love frees me from every sin

Makes my heart leap with joy

Your love cleanses me from every guilt

Makes me worthy to stand before you


Your love gently leads me on

Through tempests and storms

Your love is a fountain

Refreshing me from my weariness


Your love makes me sing

A song of praise and glory to my Lord

Your love makes me trust

In Your promises and Your truth


Your love chides me

When I turn my eyes away from You

Your love upholds me

Lest my foot should stumble


Your love means everything to me

It defines me and makes me complete

Your love makes me the person You want me to be

And makes me fall in love with You each day.