The Effect of Words

Words can heal
Words can hurt
Words can inspire
Words can encourage
Words can soothe
Words can condemn
Where do words come from?
From the depth of one’s heart
They well up from the springs that flow through one’s heart
Like arrows they pierce one to the bone
Falling exposed to the antagonism and contempt
What does one do or how does one react
When the sender is the evil one?
Retort and send back a volley of sharp and bitter words,
Spue flaming swords of words?
Or stay calm, controlling the tongue, fighting back the emotions –
“A soft answer turneth away wrath”
But how do soft answers pour forth when the mind is beset with negative thoughts?
What has the Lord taught us?
An eye for an eye, a tooth or a tooth? – Never!
Repay evil with good
It’s difficult but better in the long run
Words to be uttered at the wrong time better stay dormant.
Looking back in retrospect makes one heave a sigh of relief
Take words out of your life and communication stops
So use words to brighten one’s life, to lift them up from their fallen spirits, to encourage them, not bring them down, or destroy them.

Professing Faith

Faith – what does the word really mean? Faith is believing and trusting inspite of the unfavourable situations. Faith is hoping against hope even when everything around you crumbles. Faith in God is exactly that. Trusting Him to do what is best for you. No matter how tough the condition seems, my faith in my God will not be shaken. How confident are we to say these words? If we look back and analyze how we have reacted to difficult situations in the past, what does it reflect about the faith you profess to have?

John 2:1-11 speaks of the first miracle that Jesus performed when He was in this world. The changing of water into wine at the wedding of Cana is indeed a common passage to most of us. In verse 5, it says “….whatever He says to you, do it”. These were the words of Jesus’ mother-Mary. If this was the first miracle He performed, it obviously means that till that very moment, Jesus hasn’t done anything miraculous. He was just an ordinary carpenter’s son in the eyes of the people around Him. Even though nobody else knew who He really was, Mary knew. She knew there was nothing ordinary about her Son. She knew the supernatural way in which He was conceived (Luke 1: 26-38). And she remembered the promises spoken to her through Gabriel regarding Jesus.

Now, Jesus was 30 yrs old when He started His ministry. For 30 yrs, He hasn’t done anything extraordinary. Yet, when we read John 2:5, Mary is so confident when she tells the servants to obey whatever Jesus asks of them. Why was she able to do that? Because of her faith. A faith that has not changed even though she never saw Him perform any miracles for 30 yrs. Hebrews 11:1 says, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things NOT seen.” One thing she knew was that her God was a God who could work in the most impossible situations. Jesus’ birth was proof of that. She not only had faith, she also spoke words of faith (John 2:5). And her faith was rewarded.

How many miracles do we see in the Bible? From Genesis 1 to Revelation 22, the Bible is full of wonders and miracles that God performed. We have read again and again. We have also seen Him work wonders with our own eyes. We have heard Him perform wonders in the past. And yet, when situations come, we still speak words of unbelief and doubt. Is that the faith that you claim to have? We say I can’t do anything, my children are not smart enough, my conditions are terrible, my husband/wife will never change, my pastor is like this, my boss is like that, etc. etc. Words of unbelief over and over again. When we say such things, we are not putting ourselves down, we are putting God down. Its equivalent to saying that He doesn’t have abilities or capabilities to act. God hates unbelief. God hates it when His children doubt Him.

Israel saw with their own eyes the great miracles God had done in Egypt, yet they kept on grumbling and complaining. Often, we are no different. We are quick to say that it cant be done. The fact may indeed be that you cant. But God doesn’t expect you to do it. He only asks you to trust Him to do it for you. His ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts (Isaiah 55:8). No matter how much we break our heads, we’ll never understand. And you don’t need to know how He acts and thinks. All you need to have is faith that He CAN and He WILL.

Start speaking words of faith and belief from your mouth. Words have power. Words have life. Genesis 1 speaks of the creation of the world. How was everything created? By His words. He didn’t conduct any experiments or years of research. He commanded, and everything that you see in the world today was brought to life. The sun, the moon, the stars, the waters, the heavens, the earth, the creatures-all were created through His words. Words have power. If you say you are an ambassador of Christ, your words and actions should be a direct reflection of the One you are representing. Words of doubt and unbelief do not represent Jesus. When you sit in church, you are not to keep silent. You are to praise Him with your mouth. You are to speak words of life.

Dear brothers and sisters, you only need to look at your attitude in the past years. How have they been? Are you a grumbler and complainer? Or do you have the faith you claim to have? If not, ask God to increase your faith. Ask forgiveness for doubting Him and His capabilities and instead tell Him that you can’t do anything on your own but you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you (Philippians 4: 13).